Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Eleven Month Stats

Well, here we are... our little girl is eleven months old! I haven't seen her since Sunday because of work, but, I am sure she already looks older. She's sure on the move these days... ALL the time and ALL over the place. She loves standing, she stands on the couch, the end tables, the bookshelves (while pulling down every.single.book!), the windows, the entertainment center, toys, us, and even free standing more and more lately. She is getting stronger and a little braver each day, definitely testing out that leg strength. She has taken a few steps from the couch toward us, or couch to the toy, etc... but definitely wobbles, gets there as fast as she can, or, if she gets discouraged, just drops to the floor and turbo crawls instead.

Alli really loves clapping, waving, being "SO big" by putting her arms in the air, and doing her "noggin' trick." She also loves grabbing the coasters, and before dropping them on the ground, yelling "uh oh!", then laughing about it. She loves playing with any and all balls, and anything that's not hers (dog toys, mommy and daddy's things, etc.) On the other end of the spectrum, Alli hates getting her diaper changed. She squirms all around, throws a fit, and as soon as your all done changing her, she lays completely still. Really? Now you sit still? She also hates being told no. Eric told her no firmly once when she was biting his shoulder (and really, her bites HURT!), and she made the saddest, almost shocked/upset face, like, me?? Really, you're yelling at me?? It was so cute and sad at the same time. Hopefully she won't get away with too much with a face like hers.

The Stats:
Weight: About a week or so ago she was19 lbs 7 oz!
Length: Not sure, she seems taller to me every day though!
Diaper Size: 3's
Clothing Size: 9-12 month, depending on the brand
Shoe Size: 3-3 1/2's, she has gotten quite a few more pairs of shoes lately... ever since the ladies at daycare told us she had to start wearing them since they go outside a lot. Of course, the pair she wore the first day have scuff marks all over the tops of them, you can tell how she crawls... ha!
Food: Similac bottles, more and more with the sippy cup (formula and water), and basically all adult food now. (P.S. super excited to only have one more month of formula!!!)
Naps: One 2 hour nap while at daycare, still 2 during the day when she's home with us
Sleep: Bed by 6:45-7ish, up by 6ish
Teeth: Eight! We think the molars are starting to make their way soon too..
Sounds: Dada, mama, baba, ga, "daaww" (dog), "uh oh", nana, yeah, and lots of babbling still too!
Play: So much mimicking (every time we do something, she tries to do it too!), walking around furniture holding on, free standing for a few moments, loooves her Elmo toys and anything that sings and makes noise
New buddies: Neighbors down the street we just met, another Lilly and her older brother Tyler!

Now, the countdown is really on for that 1st birthday party.... our little lady is turning one, who said that was allowed to happen?

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