Thursday, September 8, 2011

Cartoon of the Week

Since Mommy B is back in the land of corn and bad pro football, I've taken the liberty of posting this week's cartoon. This one is dedicated to Scarlett, who has faithfully kept me company this week while wife and child are gone.

Mommy B and I always joke about what Scarlett would sound like if she could talk. We've come to the conclusion that she would basically sound like a female version of Dug from the Disney/Pixar movie "Up". Loyal Followers might have gathered that from the hyperlinks I've added to just about every reference of Scarlett that all redirect you to YouTube clips of Dug. Truth be told, she would probably sound nothing like that since she's a southern pooch, but I'm not sure if accents carry over to pets.

In any case, Alli just loves her some Scarlett. They are both about the same height now, and Alli giggles like crazy any time Scarlett licks her hands clean after a meal while she's still up in her high chair. Then when Alli is down on the floor with her, she'll open her mouth to let Scarlett attempt to lick inside it too. Needless to say, we have to yell at Scarlett before the dog-on-human makeout session begins all the time. Because just as the comic above says, a dog's mouth isn't always cleaner than a human's.

Adios until next week folks.

I wanna go back to Ohio State, to old Columbus town...

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