Thursday, September 29, 2011

Little peanut, Big personality

I still consider Alli just a lil peanut... she was always so small, tiny and petite while she was growing month after month, although lately, I think she's been catching up to the "normal" size, and is right on track to triple her birth weight by the time she's one. But one thing that has never been small is her personality. She is quite the character. Here's a few examples:

She gives me five. But not just once... like eight times in a row, almost like, "Here mom! Good lord, you want me to give you five? Then here. Here and here and here. Now go away."

She'll do her fun "noggin" trick, over and over, even when I'm not close by to do it with her. She knows it's meant to bump and rub heads, but she laughs and laughs at herself when she does it by herself.

She takes down and every.single.diaper. every time she's near her bookshelves or her changing table. She grabs one and throws it with all her might behind her. Watch out if you're back there behind her, she has quite the arm.

If you ask her to do "So big", she'll do it, but almost annoyed at you, once again. It's funny to see her face, and then she claps at herself afterward.

She loves exploring... if Eric or I go up the stairs for something, she's right on our tails and halfway up the stairs as well. (Yes, we need to put the gate up...) We have to tell her, "you think you can do these things Nemo, but you just can't (yet)!"

...I'm sure there are more, we'll post them when we think of them... but I love seeing her personality evolve and grow. I'm sure we'll be in for it even more when she can truly talk to us...

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  1. I love that she claps for herself! Haha! Lucy gives us the same "annoyed" look, too!