Tuesday, September 27, 2011


Allis' evening bath time has become a bit of a ritual around our house for the past 11 months. By the time she was about two months old, she grew to love bath time instead of being scared of it. Since she's been mobile for a couple months now, she loves bath time because she gets to crawl around our large garden tub and play with all her toys. Not to mention get scrubbed by someone else while she plays. Needless to say, it has become rather comical to watch her splash around in the tub.

The process of getting her undressed has also become rather comical, as she's typically standing on the side of the tub looking over at the soapy water and toys that she's about to impose her will upon. We're usually able to get her clothes off without issue, but the diaper is another story. As any parent will tell you, it's nearly impossible to get a diaper off a standing child... it's just a matter of physics when you've got two chubby thighs preventing a urine-swollen diaper from being removed in a downward direction.

To aid this process, we'll sometimes pull Alli away from the tub and place her on the floor in a crawling position. This way, we can easily remove the diaper from the back as she speeds off in the other direction. You know, kind of like the redneck dump truck concept. Then all we have to do is retrieve our naked crawling baby from wherever she made it to and plop her in the tub.

Well, this process has been working very well - up until Saturday night. That evening, we stripped our little girl down and she took off in the opposite direction. However, she stopped right before she hit the bedroom carpet and proceeded to pee on the bathroom floor. Before we knew it, there was a large puddle in the middle of the bathroom - just as if the dog had lost control of her bladder. I scooped up Alli and placed her in the tub while Mommy B headed for the closet to get the cleaning supplies.

We both kind of laughed it off and proceeded with the bath as normal. Then on Sunday night, Alli got a little curious after we stripped her down. This time, she headed for the toilet room and proceeded to pull herself up so she could see over. Mommy B thought it would be cute to hold her on the toilet seat as if we were practicing potty training. We figured this way if she decided to have another "accident", she would at least be on the pot and not soak our floor again. She actually did really well sitting up like a big girl, and didn't seem to be scared of being up high on the toilet.

Well, guess what happened the second Mommy B took her off the seat and placed her on the cold tile floor? The flood gates opened... naturally. And just like that, Alli had peed on the bathroom floor two nights in a row. Mommy B and I had to laugh at the fact that we had just put her on the toilet and got nothing. So off she went to get the cleaning supplies again, and I proceeded to give our little pee-body a scrub down. I guess the silver lining is that at least we know she didn't pee in the bath which would result in her inadvertently getting washed in it. I'm sure this has happened in the past, but there's not much you can do about it.

She's eleven months old today, but I'm wondering if it's too early to start potty training. This would really help out my bathroom floor, and we could stop buying diapers earlier... which would be wonderful. I bet she would be the youngest kid in her class wearing training undies!

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