Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Sucker #1 and Sucker #2

As Alli and Aiden get a little older, it’s getting increasingly difficult to chronicle their development. Not because the things they do now are harder to describe, but more so because they are learning and doing new things at such a fast pace it’s hard to keep up with it all. Back when they were babies it was easy to create a post about their increased milk intake, first words and first steps. Now, Alli’s vocabulary is so extensive that half the time I’m talking to her it feels like I’m talking to an adult. The girl knows more Spanish at two and a half than I knew at 18. And Aiden is the happiest little walking man I’ve ever seen. That’s all he wants to do now – is be put down so he can practically sprint around the kitchen.

As they get older, the physical milestones become fewer and far between. And I’m not about to attempt to list all the words she knows… I’ll be following her around all week and no one really wants to read that. However, the characteristics that Mommy B and I can make note of are their personality changes. And boy, do these kids have some personality already…
Alli is becoming more and more confident in what she says, and is starting to learn the potential impact of what she says to certain people. Like when she says, “No Mommy, it’s not nice!” she knows that we’re just going to tell her to be nice in return. We’re really trying to work on her manners early, like saying “please” when she asks for something she wants. She’s already mastered “Thank you!” after we give her what she was asking for, but only after she asks nicely.

There are certain times she is so sweet to her little brother, and other times she’s definitely not. I’ll ask her to share her Cheerios with him while they’re riding to school together, and now that they’re both facing the same way it makes the hand-off a little easier for both of them. Other times she gets so upset when Aiden steals a handful you’d think he was twisting her arm. I know that’s typical with siblings, but it sure does make things entertaining sometimes.

Aiden’s vocabulary is still pretty much limited to “Dadada” and “Uh oh!” However, Mommy B and I have a pretty good idea what he’s thinking (most of the time, anyway).It’s almost like we can hear his inner monologue – if he knew any words. As any parent knows, there are just some times when your child whines for no good reason. You’ve done everything you can to make sure they’re comfortable – changed their diaper, changed their clothes to make sure they’re not too hot or cold, fed them, burped them, rubbed them, the list goes on. But for whatever reason, they just feel like whining. I’m not talking about crying here… there are no tears flowing during one of these episodes. I’m talking about the “someone pick me up and just hold me” whine, as I like to call it. Aiden has this whine down to an art. We’ve heard it so many times now that we don’t even bat an eye when he’s tugging on our pant leg whining away.

However, there are also those times when you can’t help but to look down and see how little and helpless they look… so what do you do? You do what every parent hates themselves for later – you pick them up. That’s when Mommy B and I think we have his inner monologue down pat: “Haha, Daddy picked me up! I knew he would! Sucker #1, right here.” I will say there are times that I’m able to ignore him to the point where he’ll stop pulling on my shorts and go bug Mommy B. “Oh, you’ll pick me up instead? Haha, Sucker #2!”

I’ll be the first to admit it; I am kind of a sucker when it comes to my kids. They melt my heart on a daily basis and it breaks my heart to see them sad, even if I know it’s complete BS… which most of the time it is. But what can I say, they’re so darn cute that I just want to see them happy. I’m just hoping I can stand firm when they get a little older. After all, they won’t always be able to be held by Mommy and Daddy.

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