Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Congratulations and Prayers...

I know this guy has been mentioned before in our blog... as he is a pivotal part of why Eric and I are where we are today. Ryan, aka "Big Worm", went to WSU with me, introduced me to Eric, has been Eric's best friend since high school, was the best man in our wedding, and Eric was the best man in his. He and his wonderful wife Ellen traveled to be at our baby shower, and find time to come see us each visit back home to Ohio. They have always been so happy and supportive of us, and we were over the moon for them when they announced their pregnancy.

This past weekend, they welcomed little baby Morgan Lee into the world. Although she came quite a bit sooner than expected, she is doing well and is in the best care possible at this time. We are so happy and want to congratulate them for bringing this precious girl into the world.

We love you Ryan, Ellen, & baby Morgan.

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