Thursday, April 18, 2013

"One" ball of emotions...

Well, like Dad-E mentioned, today's the big day. My little baby is no longer a baby. And he's no longer little, either. He races around the house, getting into everything, becoming an ornry little booger, and developing his own personality. I am so happy for him... but at the same time, sad. We are pretty positive we're only having two children, meaning, this is it. No more baby stage, no more baby cuddles, no more sleepless nights (ha! who I am kidding...) But truly, those stages and moments end before you even realize they're ending. I never really knew when the "last time" I was breast feeding Aiden would be, and what about the last time he slept on my chest? Thankfully, he's a great cuddler and still does fall asleep on us every once in awhile, but, I know those days are few and far between. I want him to be independent, but I want him to need me.

The last time my baby turned one (that baby being Alli), I knew that I had another baby on the way (we were pregnant with Aiden at that time...). The realization that there are no more babies, that the next stages in life are the ones I need to be focusing on, the fun times we'll have as a family, traveling, vacationing, etc., is still a difficult concept for me. But, I'm sure it's okay to be emotional. After all, your baby only turns one once.

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