Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Easter Weekend

Last year for Easter weekend, we were painting my belly like an Easter egg in eager anticipation of Aiden's upcoming arrival. I cannot believe how fast a year has gone, and that instead of being an inside baby, he's a walking almost-one-year-old...

Alli and Aiden both caught some sort of stomach bug, and although for the most part, they were still in great moods and great spirits, Dad-E and I were exhausted of cleaning up Aiden's nasty diapers and running Alli to the bathroom quite often. For the record, she has really done amazing with the potty, and I'm surprised, even when she's been sick, she doesn't regress or have accidents. {So proud!} Anyway, despite the nasty poops, we had a great time decorating eggs. Alli "decorated" by dipping each egg in each color, turning most of them a lovely shade of brown. Aiden "decorated" by trying to eat every egg, even getting a good chomp out of one that made me just about gag. {For those of you who don't know, I don't like eggs. At all.} They had a good time, and the next day, had an even better time searching for the eggs. Alli would yell out a color and run to that egg, and Aiden was trying his hardest to navigate through the yard and catch up to Alli... but also was just more interested in plain old being outside and watching Alli do things. The boy loves being outside, and sure loves his big sister.

We also went to visit the Easter Bunny... which went similarly to our visit with Santa a few months ago, but less tears. The whole ride there, Alli couldn't stop talking... "Easter Bunny!! Easter Bunny! I sit on his lap! I give him a hug!" OK... sure you will. We got there, and she froze. She was so timid and shy, but at least she wasn't completely freaked out. Aiden loved it... but anyone that knows him knows he just loves when anyone is holding him. He's not too difficult to please.
Alli & Aiden with the Easter Bunny, 2013

Easter Bunny, 2012
Easter Bunny, 2011... the only real "happy" one... haha

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