Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Aiden Digs Being One

Aiden's big birthday was last week.

He's officially a one year old.

We had his birthday bash this past Saturday, with family, friends, and neighbors all in attendance. My mom and grandma made the 12 hour drive down from Findlay, and Gena, Rob & Anneliese came down from Charlotte to celebrate too. Our neighbors Harper and Lily, along with their parents, lil Hunt and his parents, Simon and his mom, and Eric's parents, sister, and her boyfriend were all here too. It felt kind of like a tornado sweeping through our house, with kids running around and everyone visiting and mingling... it was a huge success!

We had a construction/dump truck/"Aiden Digs Being One" themed party, complete with a "borrowed" road cone that Dad-E "got" along the side of the road to invite the guests in. I made "dirt" (dirt pudding) served in a dump truck, the dining room table was decked out like a road, and we also served "concrete mix" (sausage dip), "gravel" (M&M's), and 2x4's (pretzel rods). I had a lot of fun decorating for it and getting everything ready with the help of my mom.

After a little "incident" involving a fall and big fat lip, Aiden passed out and missed the first 20 mintues or so of his own party. Showing up fashionably late, he was a ham the rest of the time. He dove right in to his cake, and had a blast clapping along with everyone and tearing in to his presents. The other kids at the party helped out with the present opening too, which made it fun for everyone.

Thank you to everyone who made his first birthday party the best one yet. :)

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