Thursday, February 7, 2013

One of these kids is NOT like the other. -Dr. Seuss, kind of.

Aiden continues to amaze us, frustrate us, confuse us and make us proud each and every day. He's truly the epitome of how you'd describe a roller coaster ride... full of excitement, highs, lows, ups & downs (sometimes literally seconds after one another), and never knowing what to expect, but hanging on tight, smiling and enjoying the ride.

I really didn't think having a second baby was going to be hard. OK, I knew it would be hard, don't let me fool you into thinking I thought this was going to be easy... but I've been through all of this before, the unknowns are known now, and I literally just went through it all with Alli. However, I never knew how truly different two kids could be.

Aiden is now 9 & 1/2 months old, and he's finally starting to move around on his own. Mind you, it's not the normal way we'd expect him to, but he's doing it. He first perfected the army crawl... more like, a drag yourself across the floor while pulling with your hands manuever. His favorite has always been to have us hold his hands and let him walk all around. He has not gotten the whole "balance" thing down yet, so, we basically break our backs every afternoon while letting him walk around and explore. Lately, his new favorite is a little move we like to call his hurdler scoot. He sits with one leg out in front, one tucked behind, much like a hurder stance, and scoots his butt along the ground with help from his hands pulling him along. It's so humerous, but boy, the kid is trying.

His two lil teeth are starting to come in more and more, and they are quite crooked. At first, I was worried about it, worried what he'll look like, etc... but now, I can't imagine him without his little crooked smile. And after all, they are only baby teeth.

Finally, last night, he did something I've been waiting and wishing for. As I was walking him around his room, waiting for a burp and waiting for his food to digest a little, he cuddled in. He does this each and every time we walk in to his room and turn his sleep sheep on. He just knows it's time for a nap or time for bed, and cuddles on in. It's the sweetest thing. And last night, he cuddled in and started babbling. "Mama mama mama..." I was in shock. We've gotten a lot of nana, baba and dada's lately, but had yet to heard the big M. I ran quickly into Alli's room where Eric and her were singing their lil hearts out in bed, and tried to have him say it again. Unfortunately, he didn't, but as I laid him down in his crib, Eric heard him from across the house saying it. My heart melted.

I realized then and there that although it frustrated me to no end to not know what to do with Aiden a lot of the time, not understand why he is so different than Alli on so many things, etc... I am so happy that they are so different. It makes me appreciate each of them in their own special way.

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  1. Hurdler scoot?! I knew it was genetic!!! Just like Dad-E! Glad to hear that the kid knows how to show his mama he loves her!