Saturday, February 23, 2013

Lil bits about our big girl

Alli is truly growing up before our eyes. I feel like we aren't able to keep up with blogging about all the new things she says and does because it's literally a ton of new things each day. We are trying to take it all in as we go, and cherish these memories. As much as I can't believe Aiden is going to be one in a few weeks, I really can't believe my baby girl will be two and a half soon too! We have heard from several people that she talks and acts more like a 3 year old... she truly is an amazing little girl.

I took some time to think about some of Alli's favorites at this age and stage of her life, hoping that someday she can look back on this and laugh at the funny things she said, did, and couldn't live without...

Favorite food: What doesn't she enjoy?? Her favorites right now though are circle crackers (Ritz), rectangle crackers (from Chesterbrook) (obviously you can see a pattern, she loves shapes right now, too), Popsicles, hot dogs, corn, "pink and white!" which are pink and white frosted animal crackers, "two fish" which are sweedish fish, and seriously anything else you put in front of her, she'll at least try.
Favorite book: One Fish Two Fish, Red Fish Blue Fish is her absolute favorite right now. She "reads " a lot of it from memory of Eric and I reading it to her, and she is also starting to do that with Green Eggs and Ham, and she still loves all Elmo books, too. She'll take a new book, which she absolutely loves, and "read" it to you. She makes up her own words, but uses voice infliction and everything on each page and really seems to know what the story is saying... in her own mind.
Favorite bedtime friends: Violet, Giraffe, Duck (which is actually a flamingo), bear, bunny, Ernie, Cookie Monster, Big Bird, Minnie Mouse, and of course, her #1, Pooh Bear. All of these friends need to be present. It's getting a bit ridiculous. Ha! When you go check on her after she's already asleep, every time she has Pooh over her face. It's so cute.
Favorite songs: Wheels on the Bus, Bringing Home a Baby Bumble Bee, Twinkle Twinkle, Row Your Boat, Rock a by baby (with Aiden after they get out of the bath each night, it's so cute how much they both love it!), Take Me Out to the Ballgame, Baa Baa Black Sheep, & the ABC Song.
Favorite movies: Elmo's Potty Time. Hands down.
Favorite toys: She loves stacking toys and blocks, and we are amazed by her building, stacking and creative style. Pooh Bear goes everywhere with her, and lately, she's been totally enthralled by books. She reads them and then likes to show you the picture by holding it up probably like her teachers do at school. It's cute. She isn't big into dolls or babies or princesses, but does love to play dress up with her sparkly bracelet and shoes.
Favorite sayings: "I do it!!!!" "Mommy go take shower, okayyyy?" Lately, she's been calling everyone "Miss"... last night, I got a "goodnight, miss mommy!" it was really adorable. "Listen to daddy!" Then, we'll ask her what she's not supposed to do and she says, "Don't drink water in the tub!" "Don't take earrings out." "Don't hit bro. Or mommy. Or daddy. Or doggy."
Favorite activities: Anything and everything she can do by herself. She loves play dough, coloring on her easel/drawing shapes, reading books, stacking toys, and eating.

She can count to 20 in English, 10 in Spanish, knows all her colors in both languages, knows all the shapes in English and a few in Spanish (circle & rectangle). She can recognize letters, numbers, shapes and colors... and even when we drive by things that are certain shapes, she'll identify them. Every stop sign is "Hi octagon!", stop lights have circles in rojo, amarillo and verde!, etc. She knows so many animals and the noises they make. She can identify all the teachers, students, and parents at Chesterbrook. I'm not kidding... except for maybe some of the babies names, she seems to know everyone. When we're leaving, a mom could walk in and she'll be like, Maya's mommy! I look at the lady hesitantly and she's like yes, I'm Maya's mommy! Okay then. Just recently, Eric and I learned that she knows the days of the week and months of the year too.

Please, someone tell me what they're going to teach her in pre-school or kindergarten, hopefully long division or multiplication tables?

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