Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Mommy's first time away...

Well, tomorrow, I'm off to Mexico! After one of my best friend Gena's husband got to go to Vegas for a trip, he told her she should go on a girls trip, and luckily, I was asked to join her for some fun. After making sure it was all okay with Eric, and since his parents are here to help out, he told me to go, relax, and get some rest. I'm so excited to spend 4 days away in Cancun with Gena, but I'm definitely going to miss my babies... (and Eric too of course!). This will be my first trip away from them. I found this comic and had to laugh... I'm sure after a long weekend away, he'll be glad to see me come home Monday evening. And, I'm sure he'll tell me we're totally done having kids.

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