Sunday, February 10, 2013

Sleep... (Yes, someday I'll stop complaining about it...)

Being a full-time mom with a full-time job is exhausting. I know a full-time stay at home mom is hard work, too. I can't decide which I'd rather be exhausted doing, but all I know is, I'm exhausted trying to do both.

I honestly took for granted all those days I got to sleep in, all those naps I took, all those quiet afternoons and evenings just reading a book, watching a movie, going out to a movie... or just staying up past 10. (Shoot, who I am kidding, past 9 these days.) It's not so much the staying up late that I can't handle anymore, it's the getting up early, or through the night, that is tough.

Thankfully, and finally, we have two great sleepers. It took Aiden a little while longer to catch on, but nowadays, we call him the light switch. As soon as we walk into his room, turn on his sleep buddies, he is all cuddled up and ready. He lays down, and after a few minutes of babbling, he's out. Alli takes a bit longer, but thankfully, it's not us that she needs while she's falling asleep. She sings, counts, reads, plays with her bedtime buddies (which is now up to 9 friends by the way... and she will know if one isn't present!), and finally, she'll fall asleep. She has even, on occasion, just gotten up out of bed, jumped on the potty, done her business, and hops back into bed. So usually, by 7:30pm in this house, every one's out. Except for us.

Unfortunately, there are still a lot of things to get done each night before we're finally able to go to bed. And on the weekends, we'd like to think we are still somewhat "cool" and have a life, which maybe only consists of watching a movie together with a few drinks, but, it's still nice to just have some "us" time. Lately too, since Eric's parents have moved down here, we have gotten date nights. We're not used to this at all, and are still home by 10pm at the latest, because if it gets any later than that, I get too stressed and worried about the fact that the morning is going to come way too soon.

I can't wait for the day I have to go wake my kids up. It seems like this day will never come, and I can't wait to go in their room at noon and bug them relentlessly until they groan and complain. Paybacks are coming, sweet A Team, just you wait...!!

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