Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Aiden's Double Digits! The big 1-0 (months)

Aiden had his big 1-0 month "birthday" while I was in Mexico... I got home in time to give his little sleepy head a kiss while he was already sawing logs. He has made huge strides this month, and we can't believe how fast he picks up on things. One day, he was just sitting, content as could be. The next day, he's doing his hurdler scoot, moving from one spot to another in the blink of an eye. We definitely can't just plop him down somewhere now and think he'll sit there and behave. Nope. He hurdler scoots, does the "worm-like" maneuver, has really started to get up on all 4's and try to move but hasn't really figured that out yet... and strangely, I don't think he may ever truly "text book crawl". All he wants to do is stand and walk. You can't even try and sit him down on the floor these days, all he wants to do is stand and have you hold his hands and walk him around. Lately, he's gotten good at going from his seated hurdler position, to leaning forward, getting up on his feet and pushing himself to a standing position. If you see him do it, you'd know how really difficult it looks, but he makes it look easy... like he's been doing it all his life. He is getting great at "cruising" along furniture. I'm so impressed, in awe, and all around just happy for him! He seems to be such a happier baby now that he has figured out he can move and do things on his own. Although, that doesn't mean he still doesn't enjoy a long snuggle, being held (still his all-time favorite), and falling asleep on me (which will never get old!!!)

The Stats: weight, height or head circumference as we haven't been to the doctor or needed to this month (thank goodness!), but he's definitely growing like a weed!...

Diaper Size: 3's
Clothing Size: He can wear 6 & 9 month shirts, 9 month pants, but if it's a one piece outfit or any of his sleepers, it's all 12 month-ers
Shoe Size: 3-4's I think, he still really only wears socks though, or bare feet :)
Food: Still on all mommy milk bottles/cups... really trying to work on the cups these days and get off the bottles, 3 meals a day, even eats the "big kid food" at daycare, so he & Alli have the same breakfasts and lunches each day, and the teachers in Aiden's class actually give him two breakfast's because he's always hungry...
Naps: At home on the weekends, he still takes 2 naps, at daycare, he's starting the transition into one nap a day
Sleep: Asleep for the night by 7pm and up about 6am
Teeth: 3!! The top right one just broke through and the top left one is right there, too!
Sounds: Dada, mama! (only a few times though, but, it was great while it lasted, ha!), baba, and lots of squeals, squeaks, and grunts still... they are these really low noises and you can tell he's so happy when he's making the noise... it's so hard to explain, but so adorable.
Play: He loves blocks, cars, anything with wheels that rolls back and forth. He loves the doors on all the cabinets, loves standing on just about anything he can grab onto. He can wave bye-bye (when he wants!), clap his hands, and shake his head no, it's so silly and cute... and he's still the best snuggle buddy around.
New buddies: He loves everyone and anyone that will hold him... or walk around with him.
Happy 1-0 lil man, we love you so much and can't believe your first birthday is just a few short months away...


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