Monday, January 28, 2013

Feeling rejuvenated

After writing about a day last week that was just a little less than perfect, I felt the need to write about the last few days, which have been quite a bit better than average. Eric and I commented last night before heading to bed about what a difference a day can make. Literally, things can change in an instant.

This weekend was my one Saturday every 3 months I had to work... so Dad-E was left alone with both babes while I headed in to pre-op surgery patients. Aiden slept until 6:15!, and Alli until after 7:30!! Anyone that knows us, and our kids, knows this is just amazing! He told me how wonderful they were, how great Alli was playing by herself a lot of the time, only had to visit the time out corner once, and Aiden was a gem too. He took a 2 + hour nap, they both ate lunch, then Alli went right on upstairs to bed, basically diving in and saying goodnight daddy, see you later, okay!!! By the time I got home, Aiden was down for his 2nd nap, Alli was still asleep, Eric was showering, and we were just able to enjoy a few minutes of peace and quiet. They continued on this trend throughout the night... no fights or trouble with dinner, bath, or bed! Sunday was much of the same... Alli literally ran upstairs at around 12:30, jumped right in bed for her nap and said, goodnight mommy, love you, see you later, okay!! I could hardly believe it. I walked downstairs in record time, and Eric gave me a look like, what did you do?! I just shrugged and told him she was ready. Incredible. Then, as if the weekend hadn't been going great enough, lil A decided he should probably let us in on a little secret... he can totally army crawl! He pulled himself across the floor to get to the trains, the water bottle, and then, to me... which was about the sweetest thing ever. Again, they were amazing while eating dinner, quietly sitting beside each other and I couldn't help but look at them in awe and wonder how two tiny human beings could make me experience so many different emotions in a matter of days. They took their bath together, Alli talking and whispering to Aiden, which melts my heart too, and off to bed they both went.

Eric and I took a few minutes last night just to reflect on how great those two babies really are. Despite the bad times, despite the times we want to just run away and hide, despite the tears they can cause us, the good times really are worth it. We're just learning as we go, and learning that each day truly is a new adventure.

Sweet face enjoying some lunch
Bath time together, sharing some secrets

Finally some movement out of this lil man :)

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  1. Oh my word, so sweet! Isn't funny how quickly they cycle through crappy days and great days!! It's moments like this weekend that make you feel grateful so beautiful babies!! And like you are doing something right!