Thursday, January 17, 2013


Sibling interactions are something I'm kind of foreign to. As an only child, with a step-brother and half-brother I didn't live with, I am not used to any of the interactions I'm now experiencing between my children. I know this is just the tip of the iceburg, and there are going to be so many more interactions to come, but right now, I'm in awe and amazed at seeing them interact with one another.

When I was pregnant with Aiden, people would ask if we were preparing Alli for being a big sister, for having a new baby around, etc. Frankly, she was too young to really "get it." Sure, we talked to her about it, but she really had no clue what she was in for, and she truly just took it in stride. I feel like now, with Aiden being around for as long as she can probably remember, she hardly remembers the time before when it was just her. In that sense, I'm so happy that we had Aiden and Alli so close together... she really didn't have any jealous times, did not revert back to baby stages or actions, etc. She knows that the bottle is Aiden's and not hers, she throws his diapers at him (sometimes hands them to me, but mostly throws them his way), and knows she doesn't wear those anymore, she has big kid underpants. "Horray for underpants!" Only Eric or anyone that has rode in our car in the past few months listening to Elmo's Potty Time DVD would appreciate that quote. Anyway...

As Aiden has been growing, exploring, and being more than just a "baby", Alli has really started to notice him. She loves helping to change him (the throwing diapers at him would be what I'm talking about here...), helping to feed him (which is usually her shoving food in his face and saying, "here bro, here!!!!!"), helping to wash his hair in the bathtub (sometimes causing water and soap to get in his eyes, but he just loves her so much he laughs through it all), and giving him kisses every night before bed. Lately, Aiden has been on quite the kick of skipping his bottle before bed in exchange for hanging out in his sister's room while we read books to both of them. He loves watching her, and playing with her, and, well, pretty much anything involving her. Over the past week or so, it has gotten even better.

Aiden has been sitting up playing with her a lot, and the other day, I turned to watch them and she was just having a full out conversation with him. It's a very one-sided conversation right now, obviously, but she was so caring and sweet. (OK, sometime's she's not very caring and sweet, but on this specific occasion, she was.) She was showing him blocks and stacking them to match the others, and telling him what she was doing. "This one goes here, bro, okaaaay??? And this one is blue. Azul!!!!" Sometimes, when he gets upset/hungry/tired/just plain wants to be held, he'll sit there crying, and Alli will look him straight in the eye and say "Stop crying bro, stop crying! Stop crying bro, stop crying!" She just repeats it over and over again, and I try not to laugh at the whole situation. Seeing them together has really just completed something in me, and I hope that the upcoming interactions between them are just as sweet. Although, I'm definitely prepared for the worst, too.

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