Monday, November 26, 2012

Thankful November Part Three

21. Airborne. I don't know if it's all in my head or not, but as soon as I feel a sickness coming on, I take some Airborne and I almost always feel like it helps!!

22. Cuddles. Whether it's with my baby boy, who is the biggest cuddler I know, my baby girl when she's sick (best cuddler too, but only when she's not feeling well), or my wonderful husband who lets me be the little spoon all the time... it's so nice to have someone to wrap your arms around.

23. Great-grandparents. There is something so amazing about seeing my babies with my grandma and grandpa. I cherish each and every time they have gotten to spend with them, it's just incredible.

24. Pictures. Lord knows I have enough of them, but I am so thankful I took as many as I have throughout their newborn, infancy, and toddler years.

25. This blog. Once again, it's been great to look back on the memories we've blogged about, and the little things we may have forgotten had we not written it down. Someday, we'll have to make a book out of it.

26. The Christmas season. I love how giving everyone is, seeing the lights hung all around, the smell of our Christmas tree, I just love it all. I have a feeling it's only going to get better once Alli & Aiden get older, and seeing the joy and amazement about Santa and Christmas and oh boy! I'm getting excited just thinking about it all!

27. The feeling you get after you know you've made a difference in someones lives.

28. A sense of humor. Some days, I know Eric and I wouldn't get through the day without it.

29. Peeing and pooping on the potty. You really have no idea how thankful you'll be of that until you've gone through potty training. And I'm not talking about yourself, I'm talking about potty training a kiddo. :)

30. All of you! Everyone that reads our blog, comments on it, etc., we are thankful for all of your love and support in our lives.

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