Thursday, November 8, 2012

Alli - 2, Mommy - 0

As many Followers recall from various posts, Alli is quite the blabbermouth… especially these days now that her vocabulary has exploded. She understands almost everything we say to her, and can basically repeat just about any word or phrase she hears. Great, we’re at that stage already?

As Mommy B has mentioned before, they’re already learning numbers 1-10 and colors in Spanish at school. She has gotten pretty good at reciting her numbers and does a decent job at telling us what certain numbers are in Spanish when we ask her in English. She also does the same thing with colors – when we ask her what a certain color is in Spanish, she’ll say it clear as day.

Last night while devouring her spaghetti dinner that Mommy B prepared for her, she started telling us the color of certain things (in English) as she pointed to them. Many parents are familiar with this practice. “Yellow,” she said pointing to her cup. “Yes Alli, the top of your cup is yellow,” I said. With her favorite bed time Pooh Bear nearby on the table, she said “Pooh yellow.” I chuckled and said, “That’s right, Pooh is yellow. Good job Alli!”

Mommy B decided to turn things up a notch and asked, “Alli, what color is Pooh’s shirt?”

Without even hesitating to think about it, Alli replied “Rojo.”

In your face, mom. Let’s examine this rather short chain of events: first, she correctly identified what article of clothing we were referring to (granted, Pooh only has on a shirt and nothing else); next, she correctly identified the color of said article of clothing; and finally, she responded with said color in Spanish – just for the hell of it. And without us even asking her for the answer in Spanish. Just a reminder to all Followers, she just turned two last weekend!

Holy cow. With Mommy B and I’s brains on the decline (thanks to having kids), and hers on the obvious incline, I can tell the balance of power will be shifting in the favor of the kids very soon. I give them both until the age of 12 or so before they’re smarter than us. That’ll make for some fun teenage years, won’t it? I’m secretly hoping that this is just a sign of the intelligence potential to come for both of them… college is expensive these days, and last time I checked they don’t give scholarships based on looks. Which is a damn shame.

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