Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Thankful November Part One

All across Facebook, people have been posting what they are thankful for each day thus far in November. I thought I'd spare everyone on Facebook and post 30 things I'm thankful for for each day of the month in one efficient blog post. So, here we go:

1. My family. I think it goes without saying that I'm thankful for my amazing husband, adorable children, mom, dad, grandparents, etc.... I can't even begin to thank them all for all they've done for me, all they've supported me through, and for making me the person I am today.

2. My and my family's health and well-being. Sure, we have a few health issues here and there with some family members, but seeing what I see at the hospital each day, I'd say we are extremely fortunate to be as healthy as we are. Having such healthy children is a blessing as well. I'll take my puker reflux baby Aiden any day over some of the larger health problems out there.

3. Our home. I am grateful every day to have a house I love that we've truly turned into a home. Now, if the home improvement projects could ever start (bathroom updates, screened in porch updates, backyard makeover to accomodate a swingset, etc...) I'd be really thrilled :o)

4. Our dog, Scarlett. As much as I can't stand her some days, as much as Alli has turned her into an awful begger dog, as much as she drools on the couch, and as much dog hair as she leaves all over the house, I still love her companionship and her faithfulness.

OK so those are the major things in my life, and obviously, I am thankful for things like food, water, a job, etc... but the rest of these are just tidbits that I'm thankful for, and they may be silly, but, it's all in fun. =)

5. My tempur-pedic cloud king-sized bed. Even though I don't get to spend as much time as I'd like in this bed, I am thankful that the little amount of rest I do get is in true relaxation and comfort.

6. A credit score of 816... with never yet having a credit card at age 28 (almost 29!). I think that's a pretty amazing feat in itself.

7. The DVD player in my Honda Pilot. Alli loves it and it's been our lifesaver time and time again.

8. ESPN talk radio. I am a huge talk radio fan... and especially about sports. I would listen to it any day over music on the radio, especially when I'm driving to work at 4:30 AM. It keeps me awake and keeps my attention better than music. Weird, I know.

9. Elmo. Some days, I hate the furry little monster but I am grateful that he's who Alli is obsessed with, not Barney or Spongebob or some other more annoying character. He has taught her a lot about sharing, potty time, etc. He's not so bad... although I really can't wait until she's more of a fan of princesses and Disney movies... hopefully someday...

10. Sitting up. No, not spitting up. Sitting up. I never knew what a huge milestone this was until Aiden met it a few days ago. He's so happy and content sitting up by himself playing, and it's so much easier than having him sit in a bumbo or a supportive seat of some kind. I just think this a bigger milestone than most people realize.

So, this turned out to be longer than I expected. So I'll just do 10 for now. Ten more will come next week, then ten more the following week.

Cheers to everyone, have a great hump day!

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