Tuesday, November 13, 2012

I admire SAHM's

On Monday, I was given the pleasure of hanging out with my two beautiful babies all day. All by myself. Eric was at a golf outing for work (on Kiawah Island no less, jealous!), and Chesterbrook was closed for a "Professional Development Day", so I was home alone. This goes to show that the days I'm off work, I always take them in to school. I usually take them in late and pick them up early so they aren't there as long, but I have so many errands to run, cleaning to do, etc. on my days off that I'd rather just keep them in a routine than boring them with running around with me. However, this day was my first attempt at both of them all by myself, all day.

I was totally exhausted. I still am, just thinking back to it. Aiden has really gotten attached to us, and is usually only happy when being held. What a mess that is when trying to tend to a 2 year old who still needs help once in awhile with the potty, still is pretty demanding, and knows what she wants. Alli ate her lunch and when she was done, she asked me to wash her hands. I, of course, had Aiden almost asleep while walking around the living room doing laps, so instead of putting him down, I just called Scarlett over and told Scarlett to lick her hands clean. Yes, mom of the year.

We took a car trip to Daniel Island to play at the park, and both ways to and from Aiden screamed bloody murder. I'm not sure if he hates his new car seat or what, but it was miserable. I'm not sure why I even tried. I wanted to cry, too.

The afternoon went much better, we went for a stroll around the neighborhood and they both were as content as can be. Alli even helped me make dinner while Aiden was taking a nap, and the oven literally beeped right when Eric walked through the door. I felt just like Suzie Homemaker then, minus the apron, cute outfit, pretty hair, etc. I had spit up all over my shirt and shorts, hair slicked back, no make up on. I'm pretty sure I did get to brush my teeth.

I'm sure it will get easier as he gets older, and I will cherish getting to spend days at home with them when they are both 'easier' babies... but to say I'm in awe and honored to have two best friends as stay at home mom's is an understatement. I love you both Gena and Jamie, and I couldn't be more proud of all you do!

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  1. It is pretty challenging! Even working part time and staying home the rest of the time has proven to be difficult for me, too!