Friday, May 13, 2011

Grab Scarlett a beer!!

Today is our furry baby's 3rd (or in dog years, 21st!!) birthday! She has really been the love of our lives (until Alli came along...), and has adjusted well in her role as big sis and protector of her newest tiny human. We can tell she has grown to love Alli and Alli sure loves her too! Or, loves grabbing her crimpies at least.
It's crazy to think that we went to go get a smoothie, not even realizing there was a pet supplies boutique next door... which just happened to have Grateful Golden Rescue there on that day with puppies in a cage out front. There was Scarlett (actually, Georgetta at the time), with her crimpy ears and busy chewing on a piece of bark. Eric actually fell in love with her first. We had to get a home inspection done by one of the Rescues volunteers, and within a few weeks... she was ours!

Our friends in Charlotte have taken their dog Wallace to a Dog Bar up there, since he's legal too, and we'll definitely have to make a trip up there very soon to celebrate. (Oh, and meet lil Anneliese too of course!)

So, Happy Birthday Scarlett! We love you and thank you for being such a great big sister :o)

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  1. Happy birthday Scar-little! We can't wait to take you out for a doggie brew to celebrate the big 2-1 :D