Wednesday, May 18, 2011

First words... for real this time!

That's right folks, our little Alli girl has technically uttered her first word. Naturally, it was the "dada" sound that 95% of babies manage to say first. After Mommy B picked her up from daycare yesterday, she took her home to hang out for the afternoon. While opening up the refrigerator with Alli in one arm, she began curling her tongue just a bit and made a "dadadada" sound. She did it only briefly, but Mommy B swore up and down to me when I got home that she "spoke".

I came home a little early and we decided to take the whole fam damily for a walk around the neighborhood. Avid Followers might be noticing a trend here... I love running, Mommy B loves pushing the stroller, and Scarlett.. well, going for a "W" is her favorite thing in the world. Mommy B and I have resorted to just calling it a W because she's learned what the word "walk" means. Anyway, Alli was being a little fussy in the afternoon and wouldn't take her afternoon nap - so we decided a family walk might help sooth her a bit.

While Mommy B was getting changed and getting the stroller ready for the walk, I was playing with Alli on the floor. All of a sudden, she curled her tongue just a bit and began babbling "dadada" at me. I almost freaked out! I called to Mommy B and told her to come post haste so she could hear it too. Of course, by the time she got there it had trailed off a bit and was just baby talk at that point. However, we both knew we were on to something at that point... as we had both heard something that resembled words.

As we walked around the neighborhood, Alli would periodically babble - each time sounding just like the "dadada" that we heard earlier. Mommy B and I looked at each other and knew today was the day. Well, Alli decided that she was going to fall asleep as we neared the end of our walk - so we decided to keep going until she woke up. After all, she hadn't had her afternoon nap so we figured that as long as she was getting her nap in, we'd be in the clear. Scarlett couldn't have been happier when we walked past the house for Lap 2. Good ol' stroller worked like a charm.

We returned home sometime later, fed the Bottomless Pit and played with her for a little while longer. Then it was off to bath and bed, just an hour or so later than normal. Alli wasn't quite ready to pass out, so we left her to put herself to sleep like normal. From downstairs we could hear her talking. We both tip-toed back upstairs and stood outside her partially-opened door listening to her go on and on. Sure enough, "dadadada" was just about all she was saying.

I'm not sure where she picked it up, but it was just like a light switch went off and she started saying it. The part that really shocked us was that we've never heard her make any noises that sounded even close to that before - it was basically hearing her make a completely new sound for the first time. So not only was it a completely new sound, but it was a new sound that was really close to being an actual word! We know we're in for it now, because she's just going to start "talking" more and more and each day could potentially bring something else.

Either way, we're pretty excited for our little girl. She has hit so many milestones just in the last couple of weeks that it seems like someone hit fast-forward on her development. Long gone are the days of her falling asleep on my chest (heck, she doesn't even fit there anymore) and the days of back-talking and attitude are fast approaching. We'll have to make sure we curb that early on - she technically is a Southern Belle, after all. But being the offspring of two smart-asses could prove challenging for Mommy B and I...

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