Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Cartoon of the Week

Well, this isn't really a cartoon... but more of a slogan we've heard quite a bit down here...

We will be doing just that in just about 10 days! We're making the trip back home to Ohio for the first time with Alli (and Scarlett too... oh boy!) I am very excited to see our friends and family again, especially the people who have yet to meet our little Ru. We're planning on getting up around the normal time, 5:30-6am and hitting the road Friday morning, and getting into Cincinnati sometime that afternoon or evening. It's usually a 9-ish hour drive, but with a baby and a crazy golden retriever, I'm not banking on making good time, I just want us all to get there in one piece. We'll spend the night and next day in Cinci visiting Dad-E's family, and having Alli meet some family members she hasn't met yet! Sunday, we're headed up to Dayton where a whole group of our friends from college will be meeting up with us to say hi & meet the Ru-ster. That evening, we'll head up to Findlay where we'll spend the rest of the week. She's going to get to meet a lot of people, and I just hope she's not too exhausted and thrown off schedule by it all. But we're staying positive and hoping for a great trip!! It might even be nice to have a few nights where Dad-E and I can just go take a break... even if it's just going out to eat, get Archie's (yayy!! for those Findlay people, they know what I mean!!), or go to a movie without Alli... it will be a nice break. Not that we don't love the girl to pieces, but, we always have to take her everywhere with us and don't get much time to ourselves since we don't have family down here. Start to kind of feel like this window washer guy... (here's your comic for the week!)

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