Sunday, April 15, 2012

Weekends: Picture Update Style

These past few weekends have been busy and full of fun for us... and I know we've been slacking on updating. Two weekends ago now, we thought it'd be a good idea for us to paint my belly as an Easter egg. For those of you who have been following us for awhile, you know that for my first pregnant belly (aka, Alli Ru), we painted it a pumpkin seeing that we were due right around Halloween. This time, being an April due date, we thought an Easter egg would be fitting. Of course this time around, it was quite a bit more difficult to do... seeing as we had a little helper who was trying to be involved in it all. Dad-E got to be quite the perfectionist while painting the pumpkin belly, and it turned out amazing! This year, he had to hurry though the Easter egg, while I had a helper painting her own belly at the same time. It was priceless and funny to see her "helping", and we had a great time with it.

Last weekend, which was Easter weekend, Dad-E's parents came down for a visit, along with Aunt Bacon and Zack, and Bacon's friends Rebekah and Jared came over for dinner as well. It was great to have the company, but to be honest, I was just exhausted! I went to bed before company even left! I know, what a loser. We had a great time dying eggs (making a mess), finding the eggs in the back yard (I think Dad-E was more into it than Alli! Ha), and just enjoying the food (aka, us not having to cook!)

This weekend, you could say we had a "relaxing" few days with nothing really on the agenda... but it was still busy and we're both still exhausted. For some reason, Alli isn't exactly loving nap time lately (great timing!), and she's just so busy and into everything. Trying to keep up with her for either of us is just overwhelming sometimes. I'm hoping that even though it will be really tough with a newborn around, at least I won't have this huge, uncomfortable belly in the way. We've been having some progress with the "labor process" (I'll spare all of you the exact details... but things are moving along we think!), so hopefully, it won't be too long now. I mean, check this picture out... does it look like my belly could stretch any more???

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