Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Full term... and all that comes along with it!

Well, the time has finally come! We are officially "full term" with baby M #2, and I'm so ready to just not be pregnant anymore!! Okay, I take that back. I am ready to not feel huge, be uncomfortable, hoist myself up out of bed every hour or two to use the bathroom, have to pee every time I stand up, have my stomach expanding with more stretch marks every day, be hungry all the time, have people act like I'm some kind of monster when I walk into a room/elevator/etc. every day at work/grocery/etc. and exclaim some ridiculous comment like "Wow you're just huge!" or "Oh my gosh, you're ready to pop any second!" On the other hand, I'm going to miss feeling baby move around inside me, getting the nice comments about how I'm "all baby", great discussions with patients, co-workers and friends about having two kids close together, and definitely going to miss my one on one time with Alli Ru. I'm already so nervous that she's going to be sad when the baby comes, feel left out, feel forgotten... any of those things. I think it's been especially hard on me since I'm an only child. I was raised and always had the mentality that it was all about me =) Good and bad, I know. I just want Alli to be happy and know that we will always love her so much, and I know she will be glad she has a sibling... even if it's something I can't relate to. That will have to be something she discusses and shares with her dad.

I go back to the doctor tomorrow for my weekly check up... last week was uneventful with no real news of any progress yet. Everyone I run into at work, at the grocery, at the store, everywhere, seems to think I'm lying about that... "There's no way you'll make it to the 29th", "You've definitely dropped", "You are going to have that baby any day now"... I never knew I was surrounded by so many psychics and OB experts. I'll be 37 weeks and 3 days when I go tomorrow... so definitely full term, but that sure doesn't mean anything. As we know from our little angel Alli, babies will come (or not come) on their own time. We had to give Alli an eviction notice... I wonder how long she would've stayed in otherwise?? We have talked about dates to be induced this time, but haven't set anything in stone yet. We need to make sure my doctor will be available on the dates we're thinking about, so that will be something I'll talk to her about tomorrow. Especially if again at this appointment, there's no progress.

So besides me feeling absolutely huge and miserable a lot of the time, I've really been enjoying watching Alli grow and learn new things all the time. I feel like we say that a lot, but it also just feels like each day, she is doing something new. Her new obsession is "baby".... how fitting. She has a baby doll that cries when you push it's belly, and laughs when you push it's belly again. She will say "baby, baby, baby!" over and over again, go run and grab her baby, and give it hugs and kisses. She pats it on the head, and even seems to "rock it" sometimes. She's very motherly... it makes me tear up just seeing her do it. I can only hope she will act like that with her baby sibling. She also will still run up to my belly when she says "baby" and pull up my shirt (or dress, which is very inappropriate, but, she doesn't understand :) haha), pats my belly and tries to give it a kiss too.

She loves saying "ousssside" to go out, "cup" for whenever she's thirsty, "water" for her water table, "bubbles" when the bubble machine is going.... it's just amazing how much her vocabulary increases daily. If you tell her we're going outside, go get you're shoes, she does. She runs to where her shoes are, grabs them, and brings them to us to put on her feet. When she says "eat!", we get her food ready, and tell her to go sit at her table while we get things ready, she will. She runs over to her table and gets in her chair. It's adorable. If we say, "come on Alli, let's go for a ride in the car", she runs over to her pink cozy coupe and hops in. Unfortunately, we usually mean for a ride in the real car somewhere, so, we have to do a few laps in the cozy coupe before heading out. And, have you picked up on my pattern of the "running" everywhere thing? She's a wild woman.

I'm sure I'm forgetting a million other things I wanted to blog about, but, I still have that pregnancy brain excuse to use for a little while longer, so we'll just go with that.

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