Friday, July 8, 2011

Always love a good deal!

Yesterday I got a Babies 'R Us coupon in my email, one of those "one day only 20% off anything in the store type deals". It usually says it excludes car seats, but this one didn't. So, I figured it'd be a good time to go purchase at least one of Alli's big girl car seats while I could get a pretty good deal.

We picked this Graco one (had great reviews from friends at work and we liked the gray and tan colors):

I really wanted a Britax car seat, but of course, theirs are not included on the 20% off coupon, so, we got this one for now for one of our cars. It's going to be different than just having the infant carrier that you could purchase two bases and just transfer the carrier from one car to another. These are a little more permanent and can't exactly move easily from one car to another, so we'll most likely be purchasing another one sometime later. She still fits into her infant carrier decently right now, so we'll wait a little while and look around some more to see what other types are good ones. We definitely have to find out if this one fits in Eric's car, and if not, what type/style will, since he's got such a small car.

But, here's how my deal went down... (so exciting!). The original price was $159.99. 20% off coupon brought it down to $127.99. I still had $25 worth of Babies 'R Us coupons from our baby shower (yes, can you believe we still had some left over?!), then Eric had $75 of gift cards he got for his birthday from my mom and Blackbaud for being a great employee =), so we put those toward it too... and our final price for her new car seat = $39.88! We were pumped.

Now, to get Dad-E to install it so we can try it out... 

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