Monday, July 18, 2011

Alli meets Max!

This past week, Eric's family came down for a vacation on the beach. We are very fortunate to live at the beach, so it was a type of "stay-cation" for us... we took a few days off and headed out to stay at the beach house with all of them for part of the week. (We're fortunate enough to live at the beach, but not actually on the beach... ha!) Anyway, Eric's older brother, sister-in-law and nephew all came from Oklahoma for the trip too. To say they were exhausted and tired of driving was an understatement, 16 hrs of driving from Oklahoma to Ohio, stayed there for less than 2 days, then 12 hrs of driving from Ohio to Charleston. What a trip, and what a trooper lil 6 month old Max was through it all. To say the trip didn't quite meet every one's expectations is probably an understatement, but what matters is the babies got to meet each other, and we got to see some family we don't get to see that often. I'll let Eric (the pro at writing good blog posts) take care of more details about the week if he'd like... although work will probably be hectic for him for awhile catching up with all he's missed. For now, I'll just leave you all with some pictures of the babies together.

We also got some professional shots of them together... there's 311 pictures to go through, so I'll try to find my favorites and post them too. Happy Monday everyone!


  1. So cute! Molly and Lucy's cousin is 19! So we have a little bit of an age gap :) Hope the week was a little bit of fun, nervous to hear the story :)

  2. these pictures are seriously adorable, such cute cousins!

  3. Too cute, I love the one of them in the tub :)