Sunday, November 24, 2013

A First!

Lil bubby's hair is a highlight of my life :) It's so blond, so sweet, and so curly. It's especially curly right when he gets out of the bath, and the back always stays pretty curly throughout the day, too. I am thinking he may end up getting my hair, and Alli getting Dad-E's, but ya never know what could happen as they get older. However cute his hair is, we had noticed that it was getting so long in the front and around his ears that he definitely needed a little trim. Instead of attempting to do it myself (ha!) especially for his first time, Dad-E and I took him out of school a little early last week, left Alli there to play with her friends, and took Aiden by himself to get his first hair cut. This is monumental in many ways, obviously, it's a first for him, but it's also a first that his sister has yet to experience! 

We got to the hair salon and the hair stylist was wonderful. She got the booster seat out and I said, "Oh I'm sure I'll probably need to hold him in my lap..." and she said, "No! Let him try by himself. If he gets used to doing it without you, he'll never know the difference." So, we did, and she was was right. She let him play with the comb and was very patient yet efficient with doing the trimming. When he started to get even a tad antsy, I attempted to bribe with food, which she also shot down, stating that he would think he always gets food or a reward when getting his hair cut, so to try to not do that, too. And to my surprise, she was right again and did wonderfully without it. He sat through the entire thing, no tears. Not even tears from mommy, because she pretty much left those curls alone. :)

November 19, 2013 - 19 months old, first haircut!

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