Sunday, November 24, 2013


Back in 2007, a lot of wonderful things happened. We moved to Charleston at the tail end of 2006, and both started our careers in 2007. I started working at MUSC on January 7, 2007... and mainly the reason I can remember  that is because that same day, I signed up for the 3 waiting lists for a parking spot. At MUSC, because it's located in downtown Charleston, parking is extremely limited. When you are first hired, you must drive to a old gravel lot, park there, and get on a shuttle bus to take you to and from the hospital. Such a pain. Such a hassle. So of course, all new employees sign up for the honor to finally get to park closer to the hospital. And then, we wait.

Mid-2007, I got engaged. It was one of the most memorable, incredible, amazing moments of my life. I'll never forget it, and thanks to both my mom and Eric's dad, we have videos of the entire proposal from two angles to capture the experience (his family's and my mom/best friend's adventure to get here in time). It was an amazing day, topped off by an amazing ring that I cherish.

Fast forward almost seven years. In the past week, two big things have happened that have a lot to do with those two moments back in 2007. First, I finally got a parking spot a few blocks from the hospital. I nearly jumped for joy, thinking Christmas had truly come early for me this year... and only MUSC employees can truly understand the depth of importance of this magical moment! When I got the notification, I replied immediately, and went crazy when I actually got into the parking management office to pay my fees (yes, now I have to pay to park... but seriously, it's still an honor) and get my coveted parking sticker.

One day later, I've finally flopped myself on the couch to take a breather from a busy little Saturday with the family, and look down at my beautiful reminder of Eric's commitment and promise to me, and find nothing. The ring and wedding bands are there, but one prong that holds up the diamond is completely bent backward and there is a big, empty, ugly, open space where my diamond once was. I felt physically sick, nauseous, and incredibly sad. I texted our photographer right away, as she had taken some pictures of us that morning and I wanted to see if she could zoom in on any and see if the diamond was missing then, so we could possibly narrow it down to see when this may have happened.  She responded back almost instantly, even providing a picture, that in fact, it was NOT in my ring when we took the pictures that morning. So literally, I am trying to think back and remember when the last time I DO remember seeing it was. And I have no idea. None. I can't remember, but I feel like I would have remembered getting it caught on something to bend it back like that, or, something, wouldn't I? But, I don't. I just cried a lot. Oh, and after the evening was over, Eric and I were just heading into bed, turning the lights off, and we hear Scarlett throwing up downstairs. Both of us rush out of bed and head down... and proceed to sift through smelly dog vomit to see if possibly, maybe, she ate my diamond and it wasn't agreeing with her stomach. No luck. I am definitely thankful that we have insurance on it, but it's still the sentiment behind it. And if we would have found it in her vomit, I definitely think she would have earned her nickname of Scarley, as that would be eerily similar to what they go through in Marley & Me.

So on Monday morning, I'll happily be pulling into my parking spot in the garage a few blocks away from work and happily WATCH the shuttle bus drive by me instead of being on it... but I'll be walking into dealing with insurance companies and trying to replace a diamond that means a whole lot more to me than anyone would imagine. Win some, lose some.

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