Monday, May 20, 2013

I'm going to want to remember this...

A wise grandma-great reminded me I should document and share all the funny things that Alli and Aiden say and do, otherwise with time, we may forget it all. Time seems to go by in such a blur some days, I know that Eric and I are lucky if we remember to turn the stove off, close the refrigerator door, or feed the dog. (P.S. we have definitely forgotten to feed the dog on a few occasions  but her growing stomach at midnight will teach us to never forget that... that noise is louder than either kid!!)

The other day, Alli was crying over something. I can't even remember what it was, but really, it could have been that her ponytail was crooked or that her sock was on too tight. She's two and a half, and every bit of the stigma that comes with being that age. Anyway, she was crying, and Aiden tripped over a toy and started crying too. Alli quickly yelled, "NO Aiden! I'M crying, not you!!!" All Eric and I could do was sit back, watch, and burst out in laughter. What more is there to do?

Earlier this week, we picked up Alli from Chesterbrook as usual. Her teacher Ms. Meghan told us that her friend Scarlett had taught her something new today. Oh boy, we thought, this will be good. So, on the drive home, Alli and Aiden were laughing and playing around with each other. (A rare sight... usually, it's tears and wanting more food. These kids eat non-stop) Anyway, I asked Alli what she learned from Scarlett at school that day. She replied with, "It's a hot mess!" Oh boy. When we asked about it further the following day, Ms. Meghan explained that Scarlett was dirty from playing outside and when she was asked if she was ready to clean up, she replied, "Yes! I'm a hot mess!" Alli must have heard her say it, and continued to repeat it throughout the day. She will still say it from time to time... always in the correct context, which is hilarious.

As things come up, I need to remember and be more diligent on writing things down. As grandma-great said, times flies and we will want all of these memories recorded to share with them someday...

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