Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Star(s) of the Week

What a start to the week, and it's only Wednesday! The past two days of picking up Alli and Aiden from school have been nothing short of wonderful and "proud parent moment" for me. Not to mention, I started school on Monday and things are going well. I'm in a pretty happy place at the moment, and hoping it stays that way! Anyway, on to why the kids are so great...

Monday, I started my normal routine of going to Alli's room to get her first. Outside of their room, their teachers write about what they did that day, what type of activities, etc. I always like to read it so I can talk to her about what she did at school, and I was in awe when I read it:

My lil peanut was teaching the class! She does this at home with her books, she'll read them to you by holding it up and showing you the pictures... it's adorable. But just to imagine her doing it with her classmates, somehow gathering all of them to sit around and listen to her read to them, I was so proud.

Then, I walk into her actual room and see this hanging on the wall:
Now I know each kid in the class will eventually be the "Star of the Week", but she was first :) And, she looks so happy and grown up in this picture! I can't believe how much she knows, learns, and grows each and every day.

Next, Tuesday come around and I have picked up my lil star and we're heading down to "baby room" as Alli calls it to pick up "A-Man!!!" (I guess we have called him that enough that now Alli calls him that, too.) It's cute. Anyway, we are walking down the hall and Ms. Savannah, Aiden's first teacher stopped us and said, "Um, do you guys know that Aiden is walking??" I looked at her somewhat surprised, although I did know this time would come. He has been walking with our help for a good month or so now, walks with the walker almost anywhere, cruises furniture a lot lately, and has even gotten brave and taken steps from me to Eric and back. Ms. Savannah went on to say he took 6 or 7 steps to get from her to Ms. Patricia today. What?! So, we hurried down to Aiden's room and walked in, where Mr. Smiles was just playing away with Henry, one of his BFF's. As soon as Ms. Patricia saw me, she said the same exact thing Ms. Savannah had just said. She said, "You know Aiden is walking, right?" What?! Not when he's Mr. Whiney-Butt around me. All he wants is to be held. But, it's coming.

We couldn't be more proud of our little stars... and amazed at how fast they grow and learn new things... next thing I know, they'll be in college...

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  1. What a great week! I love those proud parent moments!! Hooray!!