Wednesday, December 24, 2014

2014: The year in review

I know Mommy B and I haven’t been the best bloggers this past year. Our number of posts have dropped significantly since we first started the blog back in 2011, but that doesn’t mean our lives are any less eventful. If anything, it really means that we’re busier than ever since we don’t have time to post. This year has been a pretty big one for us, so let’s take a look back at some of the events that have made this year so memorable.

We started the year off with a little snow/ice in Charleston, which is a rare sight. That was right after we had taken the kids back to Ohio to see a real winter. They did so well on the trip, but I know it’s tough for Grandma C to have 4 extra people in her house for a week. After that, I took Mommy B skiing for the first time in her life. She did so well and I was so proud of her – and we had a great time relaxing by ourselves. We took the kids to the Ringling Brothers & Barnum and Bailey Circus where Aiden got to witness the erstwhile “family circus” for the first time in his life. It was truly a magical experience for all of us, and I’m hoping that we can take them every time the circus comes to Charleston. Shortly after that, we sold the house that Mommy B and I had turned into our home – the place we bought right after we got married, where we got our dog, where our children were born and basically where we started our family – and moved back to Mount Pleasant. While we didn’t move very far geographically, the two locations are worlds apart from each other. Our main motivator? Our children’s education. In a couple years, our kids will be attending some of the best public schools in the state of South Carolina… which wasn’t something we were able to say just a few months ago.

The spring rolled on as we settled into our “new” house and Aiden moved up to the next class at school. I could not believe how well he did with it and how well he has done with it since then. Alli has progressed out of the Terrible Threes and is now in what I call the “Independent Fours.” She wants to dress herself each morning, and even comes down to wake us up on the weekends already fully dressed – complete with leggings and tutu skirt. She doesn’t want any help coloring, singing, dancing, eating or brushing her teeth… just to name a few.

Just as things around the house were starting to come around, I was rear-ended on my way home from work one day. And just like that, my dream car was totaled. I still thank whoever is up there that the kids weren’t in the car at the time and I wasn’t severely injured in the accident. But the ensuing battle with tow truck drivers, repair shops, chiropractors and the tightwads at the insurance company have been enough to make me never want to be involved in a serious car accident again, injuries be damned. I really miss that car… probably more than I miss the Mustang GT I had in high school. But I had purchased this car myself – it was mine. And in an instant it was taken away from me. So I did what any normal person does after their dream car gets totaled – buys their wife a newer car instead. Maybe I can afford one in a few years when the kids are off to school.

Speaking of, Mommy B finished her Master’s degree after 18 long months of hard work. It was tough slating for a while there, especially with everything else that we had occurred within that time frame. Heck, I had to look back on the blog just to remind myself of everything that had gone on. And to think that all the while she was putting herself through school, it’s just nuts. We’re both looking into new employment opportunities to complement our growing skills and education levels. Ok, well Mommy B’s new education level, at least. We’re both very optimistic new opportunities that will broaden our horizons await us in the new year.

Over the summer, Aiden moved out of his crib and into a “big boy” bed. A bunk bed, actually – which he seems to thoroughly enjoy. Shortly after that, we decided it was time to begin potty training. He took to it by the third day much like his big sister did when we trained her. He barely had any accidents and was amazing with it at school. His teachers helped out a lot, but he was super-proud to be in the “no diaper” club in his class at school. He even moved out of his nightly pull-ups a while back… which means we are officially done with diapers AND pull-ups, forever. It’s crazy to think that I haven’t changed a diaper in months and I never will on my own children again. So all within a matter of a couple months, we went from having a diaper-clad “baby” in a crib to a potty-trained kiddo in a twin bunk bed. So not only will I never change another one of my children’s diapers, but I will also never again lie one of my children down in a crib. Well, that happened rather quickly… (as I brush the tear from the corner of my eye.)

As you might recall, we decided to fly the family back to Ohio over the Labor Day weekend so the kids could actually see Mommy B and I’s home state without snow on it. They had an absolute blast – flying on an airplane for the first time, going to the fair and seeing all types of animals at the Toledo Zoo. We just happened to get the short period of nice Ohio weather while we were there, and the kids got to swim in Grandpa Ron’s pond and ride around on his tractor. Mommy B got to visit one of her best friends while I watched the kiddos, and we had an awesome cookout at Grandma C’s house with the entire family. It was a great trip and I’m so glad we decided to go up there during the summer months for a change.

Mommy B and I decided to wrap up the year by taking a few days off after Thanksgiving to fly to Jamaica for some R&R. I’ve been meaning to post about it, but you know how busy things get towards the end of the year. My parents watched the kiddos for us while Mommy B and I spent a few days climbing waterfalls and stuffing our faces at an all-inclusive resort on the coast. The weather could have been a little better while we were there, but we had so much fun regardless. Mommy B is too modest to admit it, but she’s been running almost every day since after her graduation – and has the body to prove it. This trip was the first time in over 4 years that I’ve seen her that confident in how her body looks in a swim suit. It was so wonderful to see her smile and have fun like that again, and I’m hoping we can do it again sometime soon.

Well Followers, as you can tell this year has been full of firsts… and lasts. First time riding on an airplane, last diaper change. First “move” to a new house, last walk through the old one. First circus, last graduation. First (and hopefully last) trip to the ER for sinus issues. First (and hopefully not last) mud run for Dad-E. First molars, last bout of teething. First bunk bed, last crib – ever. As I sit here and reflect on it all I’m slowly realizing it’s been a heck of a year for us. Mommy B and I are taking a few days off from work to spend some time with the kids and Grandma C who’s coming to visit. I’m going to try to do a better job of updating the blog more often next year, because I have a feeling next year will have even more adventures that I won’t want to forget.

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