Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Where does the time go?

I feel like this is an appropriate title and way to start this post, seeing as it's been so terribly long since we've updated. Time seems to fly these days, we are constantly going and doing things, it seems there's no time to do much relaxing... which means blogging gets put way back on the priority list. However, things are moving along at a wonderful pace in our lives right now... just busy as always. Aiden turned 18 months old on the 18th (more in a separate post soon) and Alli turned three this past weekend (more in a separate post soon, too!). We have definitely been busy planning her party, and all the fun that goes along with it. And speaking of birthday parties, we have attended one just about every weekend for the past few months... most of the kids in Alli's class seem to have fall birthdays. The next two Saturday's are also filled with birthday celebrations. It's a lot of fun and definitely occupies the time for those cold fall days... err... cold? It's supposed to be mid to high 70's all week this week. But you better believe some people are still wearing their puffy big winter coats for these "chilly" 50 degree mornings. Hilarious.

Anyway, otherwise, I'm still trucking along trying to keep up with all my papers and schoolwork for my master's degree (only 10 more months!!), and we're also in the process of trying to figure out the next step in our lives regarding our home/possibly moving/possibly building a new house/kids' school options/etc. So of course, that's a daunting task and one that has kept us occupied as well. We are trying to keep things as stress-free as possible because let's face it, anyone that knows me, knows I can get overwhelmed and flustered easily. So, I have really asked Eric to step it up in trying to take charge of most everything in our lives these days, and where I'm high strung and controlling, he's much more laid back and carefree with things, so, it's been a nice change and a nice balance... I'm trying to just go with the flow of things and see how it all turns out.

In other wonderfully exciting news for the month of October, my great friend Gena finally had her second baby, and made Anneliese a big sister to baby Ella Adeline. She looks absolutely perfect and beautiful and I cannot wait to get up to Charlotte to visit and get some baby snuggles. Most people need a "baby fix" and can't wait for it... and while I'm excited and can't wait to share in these moments with Gena, I'm definitely not a huge "baby" fan, I remember all the stress and exhaustion that goes with that stage and I'm not missing that... and plus, we have our forever baby that still wants to be held and snuggled quite a bit in our lil buddy Aiden. =) So, there you have it... now you understand where we've been and what we've been up to... birthday updates to come soon!

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