Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Sweet Sixteen

Aiden "turned" sixteen months about a week and a half ago... and he has turned into quite a little man with his own strong personality.

His vocabulary has taken off... let's see if I can remember everything he's saying these days... "dada, mama, outside, up, down, hot, daww (dog), octaaa (which could either be octagon or Octanauts the show, depending on what circumstance it is), more, all done, uh oh, moon, bye bye..." I think that may be it, but, each day he surprises us with all that he knows and all that he pretends he doesn't know. (We're on to your sneaky ways, buddy!!)

He loves to give kisses (mouth open, sloppy kisses, but they are too adorable to turn down!), hugs, blows kisses, fake sneeze (or laugh hysterically when you sneeze), turn the lights on and off, turn the fans on and off with the remote, and his all time favorites are still the broom and dustpan. He has a play one, but he has also discovered my hand held one that we keep in the garage and he always wants it to play with as soon as he spots in when we step out into the garage. Today in fact, he took it in the car with us on the way to school.

The Stats:
Weight: 24 lbs 4 oz (we just visited the after hour's clinic on Sunday after some pretty awful bug bites that we wanted to make sure weren't anything else or infected or anything, poor little guy has been a trooper with quite a few bug bites this summer!)
Length: Not sure, but he's gaining on Alli!
Head: Same, not sure, but when he & Alli are in the bathtub together, Eric & I comment all the time that they look like they have the same head size! He's growing on her there, too!
Diaper Size: 4's
Clothing Size: 12-18 months
Shoe Size: 5
Food: Anything and everything. Every morning he likes to have a few Krispy Kreme donut holes, milk, cereal, etc... then gets to school and has breakfast, lunch, snack there... then gets in my car and they are like scrounges, wanting crackers or snacks for the drive home... then once we get home they are both asking what's for dinner... usually running up to the kitchen table to get in their seats, or lately, sitting on their picnic table out back, banging on the table while I hurry to get something together... the kid loves to eat!
Naps: One 2 hour nap, 12:30-2:30ish
Sleep: Bed by 7, up by 6ish still... ugh
Teeth: Eight. Eric has given him the nickname of Ocho, because we're convinced he's just going to have eight teeth forever. I looked back at Alli's 16 month stats, she had 16 teeth at 16 months. Sixteen! Oh little Ocho, when will you get more teeth??
Play: Outside, broom & dustpan, any and all push toys, chairs (he loves to pick up little chairs and sit in them, then rearrange them and sit in them again, it's really cute!), up and down the slide, swim, and of course... being held!! :)
New Buddies: He played with a lot of Alli's classmates this past weekend at the pool, and Harper has been down to play quite a bit lately, too!

He has truly become his own lil person, and he knows what he wants, when he wants it, and how he wants you to get it for him.

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