Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Bring on Summer, Visitors, Weddings, and Fun!

Here we are in June.

June 4th!

How time flies by so quickly these days, I still have no idea. I cannot believe we have a two and a half year old and a thirteen month old. There are no more "babies" in our house... no bottles, no breastpumps, no milk baggies, no pacifiers (uh, wait, I guess we never had those since neither kid took one!), no pack n' plays, no swings, no jumperoos... just big kid toys, lots of food and snacks, and it truly some days feels like we have teenagers already instead of toddlers. Both Alli and Aiden raid the pantry like it's their job. They eat all.the.time, and they are constantly wanting to be outside or go do something fun. Thankfully, we have plenty to do around here.

This past week into the weekend, my Uncle Tom came down for a visit. He is always the goofy guy, playing jokes, having fun, and he's just a great guy to hang around. Alli and Aiden have been around him a handful of times, but it's been a little while and it took a bit for them to warm up to him. We went to the beach, went to the pool, and ate a lot in between. I think Tom got to see first hand just how exhausting our lives are, just how constant everything is, and just how much they truly EAT! When going anywhere, we have to pack like we're preparing to be stranded on a desert island for weeks, with enough food for 10 people. However, it's usually just Alli and Aiden, eating it all.

Summer is almost officially here, and with it, comes a lot of celebrating! In a few weeks, one of Eric's best friends will be getting married down here in Charleston. They live in Cleveland, but fell in love with Charleston just like we did, and decided to have their wedding here at Boone Hall, what a gorgeous location. Eric's in the wedding, and I can't wait to just go and take in the sites and celebrate! A few weeks later, Eric & I will be heading up to the New York/Connecticut area (our first trip away from the kids!) for Eric to be a groomsman in another great friend, Steve's, wedding. We can't wait to celebrate and share their big day as well.

After that, no big plans, except to enjoy this beautiful city that we have grown to call "home", splash and play at the beach, enjoy our community pool, hopefully travel up to Charlotte to visit our friends' amazing pool (oh, and visit them too of course ;) and other fun things in between.

As Eric stated in his post, time seems to move so quickly, we need to enjoy all the little moments. Although I'm going to school full-time, working full-time, and trying to be the best full-time mom and wife I can be, I want to enjoy each and every moment, and try to take it all in. Take as many pictures as I can. Take in all the memories. Take in the hugs and kisses. They are growing up too fast.

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