Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Dear Chesterbrook

Thank you for being such an amazing school for both of my children. Alli has grown so much, learned so much, and she truly loves it there, it's obvious. Thank you for giving me the confidence that Aiden will grow, learn, and love it just as much as she does. For the past few weeks, every time we have gone in to drop off or pick up Alli, the infant teachers, Alli's teachers, the ladies at the front desk, or even random teachers I don't know will comment to us, "Ohhh Alli's little brother starts soon doesn't he?" "Ohhh we can't wait to get our hands on Aiden!" It's so wonderful to see how much they truly love both of you, and how much they care about you both. After Aiden's first day yesterday, Miss Velma, the amazing infant teacher, said that so many things about Aiden "brought her back to the Alli days!" It's just wonderful to see how the teachers remember so much about Alli, how they are so willing and excited to learn all of Aiden's quirks, and how sincere they are to both of our children.

So, as I head back to work tomorrow, I am confident that both of my children are in the best hands possible. I am able to be at ease throughout the day knowing that Alli and Aiden are being cared for and are learning so much each and every day. Thank you, Chesterbrook, for giving me that peace of mind.

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